Barneo drift

22 hours ago: Coordinates: 89º44’N, 065º47’E.
Weather: clear sky with slight haze, northern wind 8m/sec, and temperature -36ºС.

It is cold at the North Pole - the arctic has returned.

The drift of the ice camp where we are flying to on Saturday is fast so we would like to get dropped off at the north east side of the North Pole to avoid the southern and easterly drift.

Arrived in Longyearbyen with no luggage, still sitting in Oslo.

This is a setback since we can’t do much without my gear for preparation of the expedition and  I carry all the important things like ziplock bags, skins for skis, chocolate, clif bars, etc.

What better excuse than to catch up and drink a beer with polar friends like Eric our mate from the trip of 2014.

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