stop and… GO!

The lessons to be learned on each expedition is that there is suspense and then a rush.

It is like being a surgeon in the operating room — you may have a quiet night but can’t wonder off too far just in case something happens and then when it does happen you are scrambling to get ready.

Our sleds have long been packed and repacked, our clothes on the bed ready to put on but we are getting hourly reports about the flight being postponed.

It looks like we are now flying at 3 am on the 4th on the second technical flight arriving at Barneo at 5 am and to the start of our expedition around 8 am, a long but spectacular helicopter flight.

We then immediately start skiing to get some miles under our belt since we are now delayed by 3 days.

We are excited and at least one step closer to departure.

Fingers crossed my next blog is from the ice.

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