Sustainable Svalbard Expedition Set Sail

Our Dutch Captains of Industry have arrived in Longyearbyen for our expedition to West Svalbard.
Luckily the weather cleared towards the evening.

Wind dropped and the sun came out after a day of  sleet, rain and storm.
Around 10:30 we recommended everyone to lay in bed as we headed straight Into the wind, waves formed  and people started to get sea sick.
Some opted to go outside and get some fresh air and enjoy the scenery.

Today a full program: We will arrive at the 14Th July Glacier where Mark Drinkwater (ESA) will do a talk about glaciers, sea ice and climate change.
After lunch we will sail to Ny Alysund to tour the science station – the most northern  permanent inhabitant station in the world.
Our scientist Maarten Loonen, who has been working there for 30 years will lead the tour.

After dinner tonight we are have our first sustainable workshop:
Mobility lead by the NS.

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