Today is a special day…

Today is a special day for the expedition.

Exploration is about going somewhere collection new information and then sharing it.

Today as we ski along taking snow depth measurements a NASA plane will fly over the top of our route collecting the same data as we do all the way to 90 Degrees North.

Making this happen on constantly shifting surface is not easy. Thanks to the brain power and enthusiasm of the NASA geeks we have managed to do this.

We stepped onto the P3 plane yesterday to meet the whole team and look at the array of equipment all of which is dedicated to measuring sea ice and land ice thickness snow depth and drift.

To be in a unique position to help these amazing people who’s thirst for knowledge about ice on our planets surface is a huge huge honour.

Our ground truthing will help the radar scientists work out if what they are recording and observing is in line with the data they are hoovering up as they fly over.

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