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Solar Radiation Management

The first global conference on climate change took place in 1988, in Toronto. Now, 20 years later, scientists and diplomats are still meeting about the issue, and apart from the Paris Climate Accord signed two years ago, not much has changed. We’ve been manipulating Earth’s climate for more than 100 years. Now we have the option […]


The Price of Climate Change

One billion-dollar weather disaster hit the Earth last month, according to the December 2017 Catastrophe Report from insurance broker Aon Benfield: wildfires in Southern California that cost at least $1 billion. For the year 2017, Earth had 28 billion-dollar weather events, which is the sixth most in a year since Aon Benfield began tabulating disasters in […]

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Glacier in free flow

This morning we has a spectacular hike to the mouth of the 14th of July Glacier. This glacier is dramatic with brilliant blue ice spikes calving in the front of the glacier into the water. Icebergs are floating around in the bay. Upon landing at the beach, Mark Drinkwater from ESA gave an elaborate talk […]


Sustainable Svalbard Expedition Set Sail

Our Dutch Captains of Industry have arrived in Longyearbyen for our expedition to West Svalbard. Luckily the weather cleared towards the evening. Wind dropped and the sun came out after a day of  sleet, rain and storm. Around 10:30 we recommended everyone to lay in bed as we headed straight Into the wind, waves formed […]

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March for Science – Huffington Post Article

Yesterday we participated in the March for Science in Longyearbyen, Svalbard. A small community of Arctic scientists from UNIS gather outside the Norwegian Polar Institute building for what is believed the most northern march on the planet. We hung our North Pole March for Science banner on the building and joined the crowd of about […]

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March for Science North Pole Edition

Nobody should argue the sense of science. Science is to celebrate our brilliant minds everywhere in the world. Those who seek to understand the complexities of our planet, those who have inquisitive minds and are driven by a curiosity for knowledge. Scientists can help us move forward into solving our climate crisis that we ourselves have […]

Countdown has started. We have to leave. NOW!

Last night we got a call we are going to be evacuated from the North Pole today. Barneo (Russian Basecamp) has a crack across the runway which makes it difficult for the Anatov 74 airplane to land. A helicopter will come and pick us up and bring us to Barneo and from there we take […]

The North Pole. Worlds best treasure hunt.

When Peary allegedly arrived at the North Pole in 1909 his comment was: “At last the pole is mine”. He had lost all this toes during his polar exploits and made many enemies among other explorers with his self absorbed and ruthless behavior. He then continued to ski back to Canada where he returned in […]

Persbericht: Team van Bernice Notenboom bereikt de Noordpool

Amsterdam/Noordpool, 18 april 2017, 20:30 uur – Poolreiziger Bernice Notenboom en haar expeditiegenoten Martin Hartley en Ann Daniels hebben vandaag de geografische Noordpool bereikt. Ze zijn in vijftien dagen van de 88-ste naar de 90-ste breedtegraad geskied met zwaarbeladen sledes. De omstandigheden zijn vandaag met -21 graden Celsius gunstig, zodat Notenboom het tempo kon opvoeren […]

Time to kill, time to enjoy, time to leave

We are camping  8.8 nautical miles (16.3km) from the North Pole tonight. Most expeditions would dash for the pole just to grab it, to make sure all your efforts are paid for when you punch in the 90 degrees of latitude in your GPS. You end up skiing 20 to 30 miles in one go […]