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OIB completed the high priority Svalbard North mission.

OIB completed the high priority Svalbard North mission. This mission was designed to sample sea ice on the eastern hemisphere side of the Pole, within the Russian FIR boundary which had formerly been off limits to OIB. A portion of the return leg to Longyearbyen was along an ICESat-2 ground track. In addition to Level […]

Today is a special day…

Today is a special day for the expedition. Exploration is about going somewhere collection new information and then sharing it. Today as we ski along taking snow depth measurements a NASA plane will fly over the top of our route collecting the same data as we do all the way to 90 Degrees North. Making […]

After three years… Back in business

As soon as I stepped inside the helicopter today at Barneo it all came back. The endless vastness of frozen sea water, 7 million square kilometers, the size of Europe. The incredible hostile and forbidden arctic that pushes you away – we humans are not welcome – but beckons you to come back if you […]

The team has hit the ice!

This morning at 07:00 AM Bernice and her team have hit the Ice! They left Longyearbyen in Svalbard in the night at about 03:00 AM The team has been delayed by about three days. the coming days are hard work as they have to get used to minus 30 degrees Celcius. Get used to the […]

stop and… GO!

The lessons to be learned on each expedition is that there is suspense and then a rush. It is like being a surgeon in the operating room — you may have a quiet night but can’t wonder off too far just in case something happens and then when it does happen you are scrambling to […]

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A must see on Svalbard: KSAT

If there needs to be something on your bucket list that you haven’t thought of it has to be a visit to KSAT satellite station in Svalbard. First,  you will be blown away by the views of Spitsbergen on the drive to the top and once up there you think you landed on another planet. […]


88°N 150°E we aim for

We heard the news last night that we will not fly to camp Barneo, currently situated at 89º31’N, 048º58’, until 3 April and will now be going in on the second technical flight, not the first as originally planned. Whilst this is disappointing for us all, as we’re desperate to get started on our journey, every cloud […]


Luggage finally arrived at 5 p.m. and immediately  we started frantically cutting our bars, cheese, chocolate and putting it into our 75 bags for our lunches on the ice. What a job, the three of us in a tiny kitchen of Mary-Ann Pollariggen but now it is done and stored in our sleds. We still […]