The team has hit the ice!

This morning at 07:00 AM Bernice and her team have hit the Ice!
They left Longyearbyen in Svalbard in the night at about 03:00 AM

Antonov 74 Flying to Barneo Ice Station

The team has been delayed by about three days. the coming days are hard work as they have to get used to minus 30 degrees Celcius. Get used to the new environment. And, tomorrow they will have a fly over from the Icebridge plane of NASA. This plane will fly over the 2dgrees team and measure from the air the snow Ice thickness. Bernice and her team will do measurements at the ground at the same time at the same coordinate.
The plane will fly over on Wednesday and Friday.

If all goes according to plan (And during an expedition it never does…) the team will arrive at the North Pole on April 24. We’ll see.

Basecamp in Utrecht The Netherlands

During this time I am the base camp manager. Henk-Jan Geel
My duties are to have daily communication with the team. Update them with weather and ice drift/lead information. Contact with press. And emergency contact for family.



Updates will be placed daily on social media and Bernice will write a daily blog. Follow them here:
Subscribe to the blog updates on the homepage
Twitter: @bernicenot

Thank you for your support, help and effort in making this expedition a great success for all parties involved

Bernice and Henk-Jan in warmer days

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