Spitsbergen 2.0

 23 april  -  27 april  2018

Shackleton demonstrated during his expedition to unknown Antarctica courage, resilience, bravery and above all brilliant leadership.  Shackleton’s journey is a perfect metaphor for a new sustainable society requiring personal leadership.

Spitsbergen 2.0

expedition for the financial world to Spitsbergen

To experience climate change firsthand, polar explorer and climate journalist Bernice Notenboom organizes for the second time  an exclusive expedition to Spitsbergen in the North Pole Region.

Aboard the sailing vessel Rembrandt van Rijn we visit fjords, glaciers and icecaps and see with our own eyes the dire consequences of the melting Arctic.  We will sail between  Blomstrand island and the mainland with was still connected at the beginning of this century. We snowshoe along the 14e July glacier which retreats more than 100 meters every year. In Kongsfjord we assist  ESA conducting  simple arctic science to understand the consequences of losing our polar ice cap.

Spitsbergen 2.0 is an  urgent call for action to show and demonstrate the fragile yet beautiful environment of our planet and what we are about to lose forever…

Climate Change

biggest challenge ever

Climate change is the biggest challenge humans are facing. Each and  everybody will be dealing with its consequences including the financial sector.

You will be inspired by the stunning and harsh environment of the arctic. Scientists of ESA and other experts will host lectures and conduct science experiments on the ice.

At night we engage in discussions about the most important financial issues in the two degrees Paris climate agreement. The financial risks relating natural disasters and transitional risks when the world is changing to renewable resources, will be the most important topics.

A steering committee of leaders of banks, insurance and pension funds will prepare the program and agenda for the expedition and for the rest of the year.


The expedition to Spitsbergen is part of a larger project with and by the financial sector.

There will be a solid program, an event  for all participants (including past) prior to the expedition and a follow up. We continue to build on the results of the platform of sustainable financing of the Dutch National Bank and there will be a follow-up.

Issues to address:

  • How can finance structurally contribute to the Energy Agreement 2.0 and the climate goals of Paris?
  • In what way can we assess and manage financial risks and climate impact?
  • Can the financial sector put together a collective and comprehensive agenda about climate change?

Participation is exclusive for leaders of banks, insurance companies, pension funds and investment firms.

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